Teacher Resources Online

An annotated list of websites that I have found to be useful resources

*This page is currently under construction, check out what is here and please come back to see future updates.


OLD PICTURE OF THE DAY http://www.old-photos.blogspot.com : is a daily historical photo blog.  I have found several images for inspiring writing prompts and thinking skill activities.  The premise of this blog is very simple.  Each day a photo (usually black and white) is posted with a caption explaining various related details. There is usually a weekly theme such as trades, transport,  mystery (unusual) jobs or mystery people.

READING ROCKETS http://www.readingrockets.org : includes information about reading development, milestones, reading difficulties and writing.  All the information is supported by research and is organised for teachers, parents, support professionals and librarians.  There are interesting articles, videos and book recommendations. 

SCHOLASTIC TEACHERS www.scholastic.com/teachers : includes links to blogging teachers, activity pages/ booklets for books published by scholastic and tip sheets.  There are book lists arranged by genre, gender and topic.  Advice from experienced teachers about literacy, setting up classroom routines, preparing students for standardised testing and enticing reluctant reader are also available.  This one will quickly become a favourite.  


THE TEACHER WHO HATED MATH at http://theteacherwhohatedmath.blogspot.com.au/ : has an excellent title and explains ways to explain and teach maths in a way that most people will understand.  As a student this blogger hated Maths as a subject and now that she is teaching it (isn’t life ironic), she is able see things from the perspective of the struggling student and teach maths in a way that is easy to understand and sometimes even fun.  It is worth checking out.

DAD’S WORKSHEETS at http://www.dadsworksheets.com/ has a wide selection of worksheets for simple to complex mathematics skills practice.  Worksheets are organised into Mathematics strands and levels of understanding.  Differentiation and repeated practice are possible, with various versions of the same skill drill within each level.  Everything is FREE and no sign up is necessary.

MATH AIDS at http://www.math-aids.com/ is a special kind of worksheet website.  Like Dad’s Worksheets you can search by maths strand and find various levels within each.  Then you can choose the types of questions you want to appear on your worksheet as well as add your own instructions or tips at the bottom of the page.  This one is great when you have to throw together a revision worksheet or you want to check on numeracy concepts that your students should know.

XTRAMATH at http://xtramath.org/ is a free number skills practice website.  You can sign up for free and create as many classes as you need.  Simply create a class using the first names of your students and Xtra Math will create a username and password for each child and track their progress for you.  Classroom Computer rotations or weekly homework tasks are set easily for the whole class or specific individuals and then Xtra Math monitors everything and emails you a weekly report showing how many times each student logged on and their results in each activity.



LD ONLINE http://www.ldonline.org : is an excellent resource for accurate and easy to find background about learning disabilities and ADHD.  Articles and tabs include separate parent and teacher information pages, frequently asked questions, definitions of various learning disabilities, teaching strategies and research updates.

ASCD www.ascd.org : requires membership in order to access everything, but there are many articles, videos and professional development information available to everyone.  Click on the Educational Leadership Tab for excellent coaching, staff relationship building, self-evaluation and motivational tips.

FREE TECHNOLOGY FOR TEACHERS http://www.freetech4teachers.org : is exactly what it says.  Richard Byrne updates the blog regularly with new hardware/ software/ shareware and Beta trials.  Everything is FREE! His reviews are honest and explain advantages over existing programs as well as limitations.  The best part is that each post is wrapped up with “applications for education” where Richard describes how teachers could implement the new technology.  Resources range in difficulty from early childhood to university across all possible subject areas.  Applications are also many and varied covering note taking for both students and teachers, research tools, animation, online collaborations, lesson planning, classroom management, games, devices, blogging and much more.

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