Check out these tips for Secondary School Teachers on how to decorate the classroom.  

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My Thoughts

Many middle and secondary school teachers claim that it is impossible to “decorate” or set up their classroom the way they want.  Most secondary school teachers (at least in Australia) are expected to share their teaching space with other teachers and many of those find that they are scheduled in different classrooms for every subject that they teach.  This makes “decorating” and “setting up” the classroom challenging, but not impossible.

The author  (who happens to be a secondary school teacher) of the above article is still working on his classroom, but I think he will see his plans come to fruition soon.  The main reason his plans will succeed is that he wants it to happen!  Some teachers don’t even have a dream for their classroom much less a plan for how to make it work.

I am very lucky to have a (home) classroom where I am scheduled for all of my classes.  I have to share this space with three other teachers (as my teaching timetable is quite light on) and this means that I need to negotiate with them to ensure the space is shared equitably.  However, for the most part, I can decorate and organise the classroom in ways that work for myself and my students.


My Classroom in Term 2
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Something to Think About

1. If you could have an empty standard sized teaching space and have complete control over furnishing, fixtures, decorations and organisation, what would you do with it?

2. What is one thing that you could change in your current classroom (or teaching space) to move it a little bit closer to your dream classroom?

3. Do you share your classroom?  Who do you share it with?

4. How can you get past the barriers between your current classroom and your dream classroom?

5. What solutions can you suggest for teachers who are required to negotiate the equitable sharing of their teaching spaces?


Please leave your answers to the questions in the comments section below.  Any other nice comments will be appreciated too!  If you don’t have a classroom now, but you have in the past, I would love to hear about how you made your classroom memorable! mel lit coach signature