Getting Started for 2016

I have new aspects to my role at school this year which means that what I post about will be different too.  So consider this an introduction to Mel the Literacy Coach 2016.

My Role @ School: Learning Support Co-ordinator.

My Job Description (what I do):

  • Teach a Literacy and Numeracy basic skills program for year 7 students.
  • Co-ordinate and oversee my colleagues teaching the other year 7 and year 8 Literacy and Numeracy basic skills program classes.
  • Write a Differentiation Tip to be included in the staff newsletter each week (some of these tips will be posted on the blog).
  • Participate in Faculty and Curriculum meetings.
  • Work with English and Maths teachers of year 9 to support targeted year 9 students.  These students are selected based on year 7 NAPLAN results, participation in other support programs and report card results.
  • Support selected students in years 10-12 with specific learning disabilities and literacy difficulties.
  • Anything else the school administration decides is an important task for learning support staff to complete.

As a result of my new job description, the content here at the Lit Coach Blog will be a bit different.  There will still be a strong focus on literacy and coaching, although now there will also be more about differentiation.  I hope this gives me an opportunity to share more with you.  I hope it gives you an opportunity to drop in more, especially considering how much emphasis is placed on differentiation in schools these days.

I’m looking forward to this year and the material I plan to cover as well.  I’m not promising anything, just in case I change my mind.

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