Performance Development Framework Goals and Success Criteria

The Goals I chose for my Performance Development Plan were partly devised from the results of my AITSL self assessment tool.  I also reflected on my plans and success from previous years to formulate goals and create action steps.

It’s important to look back on previous plans and  work out why some goals were not met.  Acknowledging the success is great and identifying the action steps as well as criteria that led to your success also helps you to construct appropriate SMART goals in the future.

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Focus Area One: Embedding Indigenous Perspectives

Goal: By the end of term 1 I will have implemented and evaluated the current unit plan regarding Indigenous perspectives.

Action Steps: Workshop ideas with Indigenous Support Teacher and other support staff.  Write  Indigenous Perspectives to new units as they are developed.

Indicators of Success:

  • Unit plan documentation will include a section regarding Indigenous Perspectives and how they will be included/ discussed during learning experiences.
  • A number of learning resources developed (3 level guide comprehension activities).

Reflection: I achieved this goal before the end of term 1 so I was really pleased with myself.  The resources I created have been used twice and discussions with students in the classroom were fruitful.  Discussing my resources and ways of including Indigenous knowledge in my classroom was really helpful and I have ideas that I would like to implement next year as well.

Focus Area Two: ICT Integration in the Classroom

Goal: By the end of Semester 1, I will have trialled some ICT tools in the classroom and be in a position to implement the most effective strategies in my Semester 2 classes.

Action Steps: Workshop ideas with the digital coaches to trial some classroom ICT tools.

Indicators of Success:

  • Weekly ICT activity in classes.
  • Students able to work independently with ICT.
  • Enhance classroom engagement.
  • Enhanced differentiation possible for individual students.

Reflection: I trialled a small number of ICT resources in my year 7 class in Semester 1 and I was implementing the use of some of them by the end of Semester 1.  I have found some of the students in my Semester 2 classes are less independent in general so they need some assistance with use of ICT.  I am happy with the various online tools that I have found and I’m excited about working more on this goal next year as we have some more ICT resources in our school to use.  We will have 8 ipads, 8 desktop computers and several laptops available for use, as well as ear phone/ microphone headsets so students can use text to speech functions more easily.  There will also be a BYO Device policy in our school next year, although I’m a bit nervous about the impact this will have on student behaviour and access in my classroom.  We will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.  Fortunately, I am feeling much more confident with various ICT tools so I’m using them more readily in my classroom.  Some of the students in my classes this year have been more engaged because of the differentiation that I have been able to offer them with computer/ online tasks.  I am pleased with my progress on this goal!

Focus Area Three: Feedback to Students

Goal: Trial using Student Learning Goal Tracking sheets to provide succinct feedback in term 1. Implement more extensively in term 2 (Can you tell that my mentor and I were sick of writing SMART goals?)

Action Steps: Schedule formalised feedback sessions with students throughout the year to ensure they are aware of their current progress.  Give explicit suggestions as to how students can improve incrementally.

Indicators for Success: Students will be able to identify areas of strength and be able to articulate strategies to enhance other learning areas.

Reflection: I still have a long way to go on this goal.  I started using goal tracking sheets but found that they weren’t working as well as I would have liked.  These were also limited by the fact that the trackers only deal with one goal for each unit and my students really needed to deal with at least two goals – one for literacy and one for numeracy.  There were also times when the feedback I needed to give wasn’t relevant to the goal tracker.  I created a book work checklist to help with this and it  had space for at least 4 scheduled feedback occasions per semester.  Seeing that the feedback I was giving to students in this format was not of a high quality (at least I didn’t think so) I decided to explore  more ways of providing feedback to my students.  While doing this research I focused on the quality of feedback as well as the time it took to do this.  I will tell you more about my journey toward reaching this goal, because there is too much involved in it to include here.

There you have it. My Performance Development Plan and some reflections on the progress I have made towards my goals.

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