Be in the Know: Tip #4 (Tips for Support Teachers)

It has been a while since my last post as I have been working hard in the classroom lately.  The importance of Tip # has been at the forefront of my mind in the past week. You see, it is especially during this busy time of the semester (towards the end of it), communication can easily break down.  It is important to take responsibility for knowing due dates, times for staff functions and planned changes to routine.  There were at least two occasions when I didn’t know what was happening in the classroom because I hadn’t made the effort to stay informed – I completely lost one class that I was supposed to be supporting!  On another occasion, I was able to support a teacher (who had just returned from leave) to get his class back on track because I was well informed about upcoming assessment tasks.

Tip # 4 Stay Informed

  • Access unit plans and resources from the School Curriculum Files (website, shared drive or other central location) and ask the classroom teacher how they are progressing through this or if they have made modifications.
  • Search for resources that could be used by your students such as posters/ charts, drill worksheets, truncated definitions of technical language, glossaries etc.  Pinterest is a great place to find helpful resources and ideas for activities.
  • Email with the teacher and discuss how the class is progressing often.
  • Find out when assessment is due so you can remind students, assist with marking and/or provide scaffolded materials in plenty of time.

There are a few more tips to come, so stay tuned.

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