Tip #2 The United Front

This tip seems obvious.  It takes extra effort but is certainly worth it!

TIP 2: Back the Teacher on the Behaviour Plan!

Find out if the teacher you work with has a specific class behaviour plan (rules and consequences).  Know  what the teacher expects of students.

Expectations could encompass entry/ exit routines, book work, equipment required for each lesson, homework, raising their hand to speak, working individually / in pairs/ in groups.  Ask for information about these things and let the teacher know that you want this information so you can back them up at every turn.

If appropriate, depending on the students you work with, suggest that some of the expectations be given to students as a hand out or posted in the classroom so they can be referred to again and again. Approach this by saying: “Johnny often pushes the boundaries, maybe if we put the class rules in his book it would save us from having to repeat them so often.  We could just keep turning to that page and point to the rule he is breaking.”

This tip is all about proving two things:

1. Your purpose in the classroom is to support the teacher.  You are not there to undermine their authority or make them uncomfortable.  You are there to HELP.

2. Your focus is supporting students to succeed.  You are there to make suggestions and assist the students to experience success in classroom activities and assessment.

POSSIBLE BONUS : The teacher who does not use a seating plan or have a clear list of student expectations may just decide to develop it simply because you have asked to see it.  If you make it clear that you want this so that you can support them, your colleague is more likely to produce something, so that you are both on the same page.  We all know students thrive in environments where the boundaries are clearly set out.

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