Habits of Mind: Summary and Integration

I am working on my unit and lesson planning for term 2 and I came upon this article by Terry Heick. His summary is short and sweet while including some ideas on how to engage students in each Habit of Mind.

Heick has very succinctly explained the importance of The Habits of Mind in the modern classroom and why explicitly teaching them facilitates student success.

‘…the Habits of Mind that (often predictably) lead to success or failure in the mastery of given standards. In fact, it is not in the standards or assessments, but rather these personal habits where success or failure — in academic terms — actually begin.’

While the idea of explicitly teaching Habits of Mind are not at all new, it might be new to you or your school context.  It might be something your administration is mandating or encouraging.  You might decide to try and implement these all on your own.  The fact remains that the Habits of Mind are all about attitude towards learning and problem solving.  Helping our students to develop positive attitudes and strategies for tackling problems is key to the success of our students.

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