Magical Moments: When they get it!

It is the beginning of term, and I’m still trying to catch up on my marking from the previous semester.  This is what happens when deadlines are all wonky and I spend my holiday doing ridiculous things like -oh, I don’t know- relaxing! Back to the point.

Magical Moments are the ones that we need to share.  

Several of my students have made significant progress!  Students who were unable to construct a correct sentence without extensive support, have produced whole paragraphs!  Students who struggled to complete a 5 question worksheet without giving up, completed a huge assessment task that took them 4 x 70 minute lessons.  While it took a bit of cajoling and encouraging from teachers and teacher aides, they finished the assessment.  Some of my students had never worked so hard on one assessment task in their lives.  I’m so proud of them!

As teachers, we need to remember and share these Minute, Magical Moments.  We need to celebrate the little triumphs.  We need to appreciate the wonderful after-glow that comes from seeing the difference we have made.  We need to commend our students when they make a commitment to learning and exceed everyone’s expectations.  We need to keep that good feeling we get when the kid ‘gets it’ because these magical moments can be rare!  

I hope you are having some magical moments in your classrooms.  I hope you are celebrating them and sharing them with your colleagues so they can enjoy it too.  Please share your magical moments with me!  If you have had a magical moment (it could have been ages ago) please tell us about it in the comments.


Marveling at my Magical Students!

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