Bulletin Board Creation: Lessons Learned Part #5

Lesson # 5 Keep it simple

A busy bulletin board is often time consuming and becomes confusing. Simple boards are easier to construct and are more likely to be enjoyed by students and classroom visitors. A welcome board could include a simple slogan, an icon or image and space for student photos/ names. That’s enough. Your bulletin board is like a billboard, it should be accessible anywhere in the room. Keep the text large and limited. Use symbols, icons and images to get the message across.

Considering this post is about simplicity, I’m going to prove I have learned my lesson.  Here is an example of a simple and effective bulletin board.


I can’t help but show you one more.  I love this bulletin board!  It is a simple idea; you can add to it throughout the year and there are only a few elements to it.  Admittedly, the border could be a bit tricky for the less artistic teachers out there, but there are ways around it (think cellophane or streamers).



PRINTABLE Bubble Letters: I found this website on Pinterest.  It has a selection of free printable alphabets.  Save the file for yourself and when it’s time to create a bulletin board, you can print the letters you want on coloured paper/card and cut them out ready to use.  Laminate them for re-use.

Simple saves time, money and stress.  Do yourself a favour and keep the basic elements big, get rid of the unnecessary bits and pieces.

Just a word of advice from a former primary school teacher: Glitter is always necessary! 😉

Simple can still Sparkle!

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