Bulletin Board Creation: Lessons Learned Part #4

Lesson #4: Take Photos

This one applies to several steps in the process.

If you see a bulletin board you like, snap a pic and keep it for reference.  Here are some photos I took when visiting the classrooms of my colleagues.




When constructing a bulletin board take photos of the materials you used and every step along the way. Especially record the mistakes, so you remember what not to do again.  I recently had a disaster while constructing the border and background for two of my bulletin boards in the classroom.  I was too cranky to take pictures, but I won’t forget what happened or the materials that didn’t work.  I take photos of all my boards so that if I am teaching the year level and the unit again I can replicate the bulletin board/ display.  If the display had some flaws, I can make small changes to fix them.  If the display was a complete disaster, I can make some huge changes to create a better display next time round.

Here are some images of bulletin boards that I have created for my classroom in 2012.  The classroom was used for year 8 and year 9 Literacy and Numeracy support classes and small group withdrawal programs.

The key to this particular lesson, is to use the images as a tool for reflection.  It is great to take pictures of the boards that others create and we like.  It feels good to take pictures of the boards that we have made and are proud to share with our blogging buddies.  We have to remember that bulletin boards are not for making the classroom pretty.  Bulletin boards and posters and charts and anything that we display in our classroom, should have a legitimate purpose.  Taking photos of our classroom displays allows us to use them for our future planning but also helps us to develop as professionals.  We aren’t just looking at the artistic aspects of our classroom walls, but the pedagogical aspects as well.

So, there is something to think about.  What displays are taking up the space on your classroom walls.  Do they have a purpose?  Do you have a record of them?  Do you plan to change them in the future and why?


By the way, it’s okay to have a poster because you like it.  It’s okay to have a space in your room that is about fun.  Teachers (and students) spend a great deal of time in the classroom and it needs to be a positive and inviting place.  How you ‘decorate’ is just as important as how you plan the lesson.

No Resources today – but stay tuned for more lessons learned about Bulletin Boards.

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