Bulletin Board Creation: Lessons Learned Part #2

Lesson #2 Make it stick!

A variety of adhesive options are a must!

If you know what works, that’s great. I rarely have “real” notice/bulletin boards to use. I have one large cork board in my room and a few much smaller ones. We have a large window between an office and my classroom (an office used by someone from a completely different department). So, I also have a glass canvas for bulletin board creations. Some people have adhesive preferences: blue-tack, sticky-tape, double sided tape, stick-on Velcro, hot-glue, pegs, pocket charts, hooks, staples etc. I find it depends on the materials and the canvas. So, I keep them all at hand.

word wall on the window

This is an example of the word wall we constructed over the window in our classroom. I covered the window with brown paper and added a border using strips I had purchased from EDSCO. This looks like any other bulletin board but clearly, I couldn’t use my staple gun!

I have had plenty of experiences when I began constructing a classroom display and found that the adhesive I chose didn’t work properly.  Either the adhesive wasn’t suitable for the humidity in the classroom, or the materials it was supposed to stick were too heavy.  This doesn’t mean that I couldn’t use the adhesive for other things, it just meant that it didn’t work for that particular purpose.  So, I have learned to keep as many options available as possible and ensure that I have enough to make a mistake without it being a disaster!


Carson Dellosa Publishing: has lots of bulletin board sets for purchase online and via Education Supply outlets.  You can buy cut-out letters, borders, accents and posters.

Smile Makers: all has lots of bulletin board sets for purchase online and via various teacher stores.

A great tip for storing Bulletin Board Borders!


Stay tuned for more

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