Bulletin Board Creation: lessons learned Part #1

This little series began as a single blog post that I saved into a word document.  It ended up being so long and involved, I decided to turn it into a series on charts and posters for the classroom.  My focus shifted towards the type of displays that we create hand in hand with our students and the posters we buy to help us teach a concept.  As this happened, my notes on bulletin boards seemed to fall by the wayside.  I was cleaning up a flash drive and found the notes!  Surprisingly, I managed to clean it up and add to it very quickly and easily.  Again it is very long for one post, so I’m going to stretch it out over several days so I can make room for sharing related resources as well.  


Lesson #1 HAVE A PLAN!

It sounds obvious, but it is one of the most common mistakes we make.  At home, I love creating something out of odds and ends that I find about the place.  I don’t mind how long it takes because I’m having so much fun.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have that kind of time at school.  There are many teachers who will ‘borrow’ bulletin board ideas from other teachers (online or in real life) and those teachers will tell us what we need to re-create a great display.  If you are copying from an image or you are starting from scratch, you HAVE to take the time to PLAN it out.  Sketch out what you want it to look like, list the materials you will need.  Get everything laid out and make sure you have more than enough of all the required materials.


Clutter-Free Classroom is a great blog run by the classroom organisation queen, Jodi.  She shares so many awesome ideas on this blog and has a huge range of teacher guides and student work books in her Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  The link will show you Jodi’s latest Classroom 360 post (a tour of her classroom) and you can get some planning ideas for your bulletin boards and more.

This one has some clear instructions for boards you can create and what you need to make them work.


Always Learning!

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