Charts for Behaviour: Group Work


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You know how much I love anchor charts and posters.  I found this gem on Pinterest and used the format for creating a Group work behaviour prompt for my classroom.  Lots of teachers use this acronym in their classroom to teach the routine behaviours they expect to see every student displaying when they are working with a group.  The poster/ slide of the acronym becomes a prompt that the teacher refers to every time the class prepares to do group work in the classroom.


I shared this GROUPS acronym with a few of my colleagues recently and linked it to Design Question 2 in the ASoT framework (although the group work strategy fits into all design questions).  My head of department liked it so much she asked me to share it with all the teaching staff at my school.  The feedback I received from the most unlikely sources – teachers who, I know, avoid group work simply because it is difficult to get the kids on task- truly surprised me.  It was encouraging for me to see my colleagues excited about a teaching strategy; it’s a simple strategy that works!


Adapted Groups Acronym.  Prompt group work expectations!

Adapted Groups Acronym. Prompt group work expectations!

The beauty of this acronym is that you can adapt it to suit your students and your classroom context.  You can see from my slide that I changed it for my class.  I wanted it to be more explicit about listening and being quiet.  This certainly isn’t a new resource and I want to acknowledge the bloggers and teachers who shared it first.  Check out these original posts.

Let me know if you:

– use this resource and tell me how it goes.

-adapt this resource for your classroom, tell me how and why.


Have a great day! 

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