As teachers of literacy – do we impart this passion for writing by hand? I don’t know about you, but many of my students struggle to put pen to paper. Rather than battle with the mechanics of handwriting, I provide them with anything other than pen and paper! I will let them type or draw or even use text to speech technology if it means they will produce something. But perhaps, I’m depriving them of something. Maybe.
I love writing, I enjoy the tactile sensation of pen to paper. What do you prefer? What types of writing do you offer your students?

Nillu Nasser Stelter

The Penman's Blood by arnoKath The Penman’s Blood by arnoKath

I have a confession to make. The content of my email inbox, with the exception of pictures of my nephews and the blogs I subscribe to, is uninspiring. My virtual letterbox tends to be filled with bills, receipts and reminders. Emails save time and money, yet still I long for days past. I’d like to cut down on the amount of missives I receive, and replace them with more satisfying ones. I’d choose fewer but longer emails over the perfunctory electronic communication of today in a heartbeat. What a joy it is to pour over rare long emails, the ones filled with delicious titbits of news and sensual descriptions of new experiences, reminiscent of the letters of old. Snail mail is even better. How wonderful to sink into a sofa, tuck your legs up under you and tear open a letter from afar, to see…

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