Trying Themes Week 2: Yoko

I’m quite excited to be trying a new theme this week called Yoko.  Please “vote” by liking this status post or if you prefer the last theme, click here and click the Like button.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you both themes right now.  At the end I will show screen shots of each theme on my blog so you can compare that way and let me know.

yoko theme

A big welcome to my newest followers and the likes and comments that I received this week.  I have been enjoying visiting other blogs lately and reading posts that are recommended every time someone chooses to follow me.  In fact the bulk of my reading (for pleasure) is coming from Word Press at the moment and I’m loving it.

This week has been very busy at school and many things have happened to make timetables obsolete (again!). One teacher has been transferred. Several teachers have been given an extra class while others have had to give up one class for the sake of another.  Some teachers have had to change roles and even faculties to accommodate all the last minute changes.  We are about to begin week four of our school year and very few of us feel settled and on track with our classes.  This is difficult.

Meanwhile, I still have so much that I want to do around here to share my classroom and my ideas with you.  For instance, I am still working on an image post to show you the before and after states of my classroom clean up.  There are many photos of posters and charts that have been completed in my class which, I am planning on cataloging for the future.  Then there are lessons that have worked well and the inevitable responses to recent news articles and blog posts about literacy and numeracy, education reform, school funding and supporting all students in the classroom.  There is so much happening.

Please bear with me.  Don’t forget to check out the different pages (see my menu bar) with the new theme and vote by “liking” this post.  If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment.  the link to do that is at the top of each post (when using Yoko theme).

Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Trying Themes Week 2: Yoko

  1. I like this one but I’m on my iPhone app right now. I’ll come back again from my laptop and share my thoughts later. It does look nice and easy to read on my iPhone!


  2. Looks great- I love the LITERACY AND NUMERACY IDEAS widget! Is there a way to put a link to the respective pages below that? I’ve seen a widget like that on one other blog- I love that you can pause it, but I wish I could just click it to get to a page. I don’t think it has that option though, so maybe a pages widget directly below each to find those specific topics more easily… Nice Job! Well Done!


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