Free Math Worksheets at

Free Math Worksheets at

This Dad deserves Father of the Year!  There are loads of great resources here and every single thing you click on is absolutely FREE!  I always find something useful when I visit Dad’s Worksheets.  There are some great drill and practice worksheets, printable reference charts, maths activities and strategies for consolidating maths concepts.  Dad started this as a free service (he was making them anyway, right?) and has continued to provide all his resources free of charge!

Here’s how it happened.

A great Dad with two daughters, starts creating worksheets for them to use when practicing addition facts at home. Knowing that good old fashioned practice is the best way to master number facts, this Dad was determined to make life in the maths classroom as easy as possible for his daughters.  When he realised that he had created more than a thousand worksheets he decided to upload them to a website.  The rest is history.  More than 7 000 worksheets later, Dad continues to upload FREE, printable resources to anyone with internet access.  He also blogs regularly with tips and tricks for learning basic facts including rhymes and stories.  As his daughters have grown, the website has too.  Dad continues to help out, by creating more worksheets and practice tasks for more areas and maths concepts including: place value, problem solving, fact families, geometry, exponents, order of operations, fractions, unit conversions, telling time, investment, data analysis, averages, money and more.

I hope you check out “Dad” and find something useful.  He is certainly worthy of your time and repeated visits! 

In my humble opinion: Dad is also worth sharing with any teacher or parent that you know.  Get tweeting, Pinning, G+1ing, Posting, Pressing, emailing and using every other type of social media you have at your disposal to get the word out.  Dad deserves it!

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FYI: “Dad” mentioned on this site is not at all related to me, even though there are times when I say, “I can’t get by without my Dad’s Worksheets”.  I have not been paid for this recommendation, I am simply sharing a great resource with my great readers.  All opinions here, are my own.


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