3 thoughts on “STEPS TO SUCCESS: 3 Ways to Help your Child Succeed at School

  1. Fantastic. Communication with the teacher is so important. For parents of high schoolers, and perhaps even middle, there is no such thing as no homework. Review and studying needs to happen on a regular basis, not just before a test.


    • Thanks Susan. We have to get real about positive communication between parents and teachers. There was a time, not so long ago, when parents only heard from the school when there was a behaviour problem or risk of academic failure. Some parents are nervous about contact with school, for this very reason. But we need to move past the old norms and ensure that positive conversations between teachers and parents are occurring often. In regard to homework: it is true that there is never really ‘no homework’ but students are expected to be independent in their revision which can result in a belief that the homework is optional at times.
      Do you share similar information with parents at your school?


    • When I had my own high school class I took pride in sending weekly progress reports to every student every Friday. The student, unless 18, and had their parents permission, had to bring it back unsigned. Being a military-style school, there were consequences for not bringing it back. Lack of signatures also warranted calls home. I was the only teacher who did this.


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