Last Days of Zero to Hero: Following and Commenting

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I love reading content from other bloggers.  I also find that when I’m struggling to write that I can still participate in the blogosphere by visiting the neighbours (so to speak) and more often than not I end up commenting  on a post or two.  Sometimes I choose to post a link or two on my blog and send a bit of traffic (hopefully) in the direction of my fellow bloggers.  I really enjoy being a part of the community.

Therefore, when all these Zero to Hero assignments about following new topics or blogs, commenting on blogs and publishing a post in response to other posts, I sort of yawned.  I have to admit, it has been good fun to discover a few new blog buddies through the Zero to Hero Challenge.  The Leibster Award was a lovely perk of the challenge too.  I tend to gravitate towards the education blogs and literacy/ numeracy blogs which is an important part of my blogging.  I am, after all, a Literacy Coach blogger and I consider my time in the Word Press blogosphere as professional development.  However, it has been nice to meet architects who are writing about buildings and university students who are writing about their learning.  Other bloggers are keeping me in touch with pop culture (an important part of connecting with students and colleagues) and sharing my interests outside of teaching such as reading and music and even television.

So, while I haven’t especially and officially performed all of the assignments on the Zero to Hero blog challenge list relating to commenting and following, I am confident that I have actually fulfilled the purpose of the assignments.  Some bloggers need that little push to get out into the blogosphere and read different content and sometimes commenting can be a bit scary (especially when you are new in town), but I’m quite comfortable with it so I realised that I was doing a lot of the following and commenting naturally anyway.

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I have thought  about this a lot, probably too much, and decided that while this is fairly easy for me, I am going to set myself the goal to troll the reader at least once a week and comment on at least three other posts a week from now on.  Reading other blogs helps me with my writing as I look at style, vocabulary and content from different perspectives.  More importantly, reading other blogs (especially education ones, but not always) inspires some great ideas for my classroom.

I won’t be done with Zero to Hero today.  I will be going through the assignments and seeing what else I can check off through February as well.  But I have to say this about January’s challenge: it has reminded me why I love blogging and why reading and writing go hand in hand.


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