Back to School & Zero to Hero Update

The end of holidays is upon us and we are all heading back to school next week!  Most teachers have already been to school for at least two days.  These Pupil Free Days are used for continuing professional development, setting up classrooms, curriculum planning (long term planning of assessment and learning experiences), organisation of resources and preparation for the first weeks of school.  It is a very busy time.  Parents are probably on the countdown as they prepare to send the kids back to school too.  New uniforms have been purchased, school shoes have been fitted, stationery packs have been assembled, books have been covered and belongings have been named.  If a parent has one child to prepare for Back to School it is a big job and there is much to be done.  If a parent has a few or several children to prepare for Back to School the job becomes even greater.

My sister has 7 children – 6 of them are returning to school this year.  The youngest is toddling and looking forward to waving goodbye to her big brothers and sister so she can have Mum all to herself next week.  Sis covered 87 books on Thursday.  School supplies were dropped off at school yesterday and the children met their teachers.  It was exciting and a little bit stressful at the same time.

I am exhausted for the busy week at school that has just ended.  There weren’t even any students to teach!! I did spend some time “teaching” the teachers about adjustments for accommodating learning difficulties in the classroom.  I much prefer to teach children!  I also met my new teaching partner – I seem to get a new one every year – and caught up with colleagues.  The toughest job this year was setting up the classroom.  Furniture had to be moved and there was quite a bit of decluttering happening.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finish the ‘clean up’ to my satisfaction.  I am going to allocate one hour per week (probably one afternoon a week) to a clean up task.  When it comes to organising the classroom, I usually turn to the Clutter Free Classroom for tips and tricks.  Jodi from CFC has a blog and a TPT store and offers some great products for teachers trying to take control of the seemingly endless ‘stuff’ that sometimes overtakes our classrooms.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with the stuff that needs to be organised in your classroom (or even your home) you should check out these links!

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Clutter Free Classroom Links


Teachers Pay Teachers Store


You Tube Channel



zero blog hero  ZERO TO HERO UPDATE

I am still working my way through the Zero to Hero Blog Challenge.  Don’t judge me!  Today, I thought that I might tick the Day 6 challenge off the list properly.  I did start looking at it, but didn’t actually follow through completely.  The assignment was to add a new-to-you element.  That means I needed to try adding something to my post that I hadn’t used before.  For some people this could be as simple as adding an image or adding text (photo bloggers sometimes just post images with captions).  I am fairly adventurous and happy to try new things with my blog depending on what I think is necessary to share the message or resource with my readers.  However, I have been meaning to add a poll to a post here and there and every time I go to do it, I decide I haven’t got the time to work with a new and complicated element.  Today I am determined to get through it.  Check out the poll below and click the answer that best suits your situation for Back to School 2014.

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By the way: I had already set up a Polldaddy account (which I forgot I had done) so creating the poll was super easy!  I can’t believe I waited so long to add a poll to a post.  That’s that then.  Day 6 is done!

Time to go sort through my posters and work out which ones I need for the first day.  Then I suppose I should finish my lesson planning.

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