Twice the Nice The Leibster Award Part 2: Nominate and Interrogate

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OH NO!! I knew this would happen, I was just hoping it wouldn’t happen this week.  I made a mistake, for which I have to apologise!  You see, when I received 2 Leibster Awards, I decided that meant I could nominate more than 10 blogs.  It was quite late and after a long day at work, I sat down and started commenting on a few blogs to tell them I had chosen them for a Leibster.  It wasn’t until I had commented on a few of these that I said to myself: “self, you really should write these down because you are going to forget which blogs you have chosen and commented on and which ones you still have to go to.”  So, then I did it from memory and, of course, I forgot one of the blogs.  It is one of the best ones too!!!

Please accept my apologies and as well as checking out the 10 blogs below, please check out Denise’s blog Denise has some excellent ideas and resources on her blog for relief teachers and full time teachers.  I am really enjoying following her blog.  SORRY DENISE! 

My Leibster Nomination and Question Post

You will need to check out my previous post to see guidelines and my responses to the questions that were given to me as a Leibster Award winner.  I have nominated the following blogs.  Questions for each of these bloggers to answer will be below the links.  Check out these to see what is happening in the blogosphere.  It is especially great to see new blogs and ones that have been around a while but aren’t well known.  Sometimes the quiet blogs are the most interesting.

Leibster Award WINNERS!


Teacher on Training Wheels 

Mrs Holpepper: Bookworm 

A Great Title 

Tommy found a real book

A moment in Life

 In To Her World

Peopled Places 

Eliza Thinks Aloud

Squarehead Teachers 


How many people are living in your house?  Who are they?

Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.

What do you do when you are not blogging? (work or play)

Did you have a favourite teacher? Tell me about them.

What is your favourite picture book? (every adult should have one, but if you have to – think back to when you were little)

What are you wearing right now?

Where do you usually write your blog posts (in bed/ at a desk/ on the back porch etc)?

No matter who we are, we all have a ‘go to’ movie.  We have a movie we watch when we are in bed with the flu, or we had a rough week and need to hide away.  We watch it on our holidays, just because we can and we can quote mundane dialogue from it. What’s your ‘go to’ movie and Why?

You learn something new everyday!  What have you learned this week?

Tell me a Joke!  It can be as silly as you like (Christmas Bon Bon Jokes are the best!) OR you can tell me a long serious story with a surprise punchline.  Just keep it clean.


I look forward to reading all the responses to the questions above.  If you are reading this and you aren’t one of the nominees, please still go and check out all these great “little” blogs and share the love.  Thanks again to my awesome followers.  You may be few in number, but you are obviously very intelligent and discerning people.  This week is really crazy for me with the return to school, but the new series about whole school literacy programs, engaging reluctant readers and teachable moments will be out in February.  I’m still SLOWLY working on the Zero to Hero Blog Challenge so there will be updates about that coming soon too.

Happy Reading!

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4 thoughts on “Twice the Nice The Leibster Award Part 2: Nominate and Interrogate

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  2. Hi Mel, Thanks so much for the nomination! & don’t worry about the mix up, I just thought you changed your mind. 😉 I’ll get to work on answering your questions. Thanks again!


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