How to improve writing?

We all want to help our students to improve their writing.  We all want them to be more motivated to write too.  If you are a teacher, chances are you will be asked to publish your writing at some point.  Many of us are bloggers too.  For this reason, we need to consider ways to cultivate and improve our own writing skills. Here are a few tips from one of my newest followers.  They might seem simple (and even a little obvious), but can you honestly say that you do all these things?  Can you honestly say that you provide opportunities for your students to write reflectively about their learning or experiences?  Can you honestly say that you encourage your students to write for various purposes?  Do you help your students make links between their reading and their writing?Follow the link to read some more ways you can encourage your students on their journey to become proficient writers.

As you read, consider how you can embed these opportunities into your classroom routine.  Think about what you can do to improve your own writing.  List anything that comes to mind about the functioning of your classroom and the writing journey your students are on.  Highlight one tip and focus on it in your classroom next week.

Happy Reading

How to improve writing?


10 thoughts on “How to improve writing?

  1. I think this is excellent advice Mel, as teachers we should always be prepared to improve our own writing and share what we do with our students when we can. Scary as that might be.


    • Thanks, I think it’s excellent too! 😉 It is certainly scary to share our personal journeys with our students, but they need to see that even capable adults have to revise their writing and strive to improve their skills. Thanks for your feedback too!
      =) Mel


    • I try to write all the writing tasks I set my students with varying degrees of success, but if they have to try so do I. It’s often fun sharing with them.


    • It’s great practice to follow the process of completing any assignment that we would ask our students to do. That’s the best way to identify the parts that are likely to challenge the students and how best to support them in their own process. It is something that I know I should do all the time but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. I know that the classroom interactions are far better when I have taken the time to do the assignment myself first.


    • So true Mel, though when we tried to write a story that was prejudice free, that taxed everyone…me included……almost impossible to write.


    • Well I have to admit I work in a gifted school and we decided to try them out…me included, we were not too successful…but we did discuss why we couldn’t write such a story..turned out an important lesson in making them aware of the world they live in.


    • Oh, well that makes so much more sense. Working with learning support students means that my kids are not quite ready for such conversations. We are still working on sentence structure, word choice and author’s purpose. Admittedly, it makes life easier when I have to “try out” the writing tasks they will be assigned. LOL


    • From what I read Mel it sounds like you do a great job. I always get the sense that you are very enthusiastic about your work.


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