Two More Sleeps!!!

It is almost here and I’m going to burst!!

I have so so so much to do.  I will fill you in, later.  I said in another post, that I try to make NLNW enjoyable for everyone.  I do this by sharing my quirky sense of humour!  You see, when we read and write and have experiences with books and maths, we have knowledge that let’s us in on the joke.  Having the background knowledge and/or some fundamental skills, opens doors to greater things.  Anyway, to get us all in the mood, here are two of the pictures that students will see this week.  We have about 100 pictures, quotes and charts that are posted around the school and this year we will be using social media to spread the word.  Did I mention that I have a lot to do?!

dear algebra called reading



I hope you are all keeping your sense of humour.  There are times when it is all that will do.


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