NLNW 15th Anniversary… get ready!

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National Literacy and Numeracy week is quickly approaching.  In fact, it is closer than it may even appear!

This year is the 15th Anniversary of NLNW in Australia.  At my school we are having our very own theme of “15”.  Don’t you think we are brilliant!! While I’m not sure that my school has always celebrated NLNW we certainly do now.  For the LN Team (just try and guess what the L and N stand for) it is our main event.  We take the opportunity to take over the school and promote every single aspect of ‘the fundamentals’.  I think the slogan for NLNW is a bit cutesy and I do whatever I can to avoid saying it.  But, I do try to make the week as enjoyable as possible for everyone at school.  Teachers, students and support staff all have an opportunity to participate in competitions and activities throughout the week.

15 anniversary

I’m looking forward to NLNW and I’m looking forward to the hot bubble bath I reward myself with on the Friday night, when it is all over! 

If you would like more information about NLNW and the festivities occurring in your local area you can visit  If you are just curious about the cutesy slogan, you can find it there too.


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One thought on “NLNW 15th Anniversary… get ready!

  1. Hello Mel,
    Great to see you doing such positive and wonderful things in your school. And yes that bubble bath will probably be deserved with one would hope some pampering with a loved one or whatever it takes!


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