End of Holidays/ Beginning of a New Role

It seems like only yesterday when I was dumping my school laptop in the corner at home and letting out a sigh of relief for the end of the school term.  In real time, two weeks have passed.  So much has happened and very little has been crossed off my “to do” list.  The list may have even grown in the past week!

So what has been happening in my personal life? I moved house.  There was a sudden family tragedy.  I spent a few days with my nephews and niece.  I caught up with family and friends.  I joined the local gym.  My work out buddy is my dad.  Need I say more?! 

At school/ work I have been busy as well.  Before the end of term I finished marking all the assessment items that my students had completed.  This allowed me to take a proper break from teacher ‘stuff’ this holidays and to be honest, I don’t know when I would have done it otherwise.  At the end of last term I was “offered” the role of Numeracy Coach.  This makes me the Literacy AND Numeracy Coach for my school.  One of my high needs students left the school at the end of last term and this opened up some time on my weekly schedule which will be used for Numeracy work.  

While the focus for this blog will continue to be Literacy and Coaching, I imagine that at least some numeracy resources and reflections will start to appear here as well.  A good teaching friend of mine was very pleased for me but also warned that my focus would be split and to do what I can to guard against it.  I’m aware that this is a possibility, but I’m hoping that the strategy and direction of Numeracy and Literacy in our school will be more aligned as a result of combining these two roles.  

The school has been on a positive Literacy development journey for approximately five years, while our Numeracy journey has only begun to find direction in the last three years.  There is still a great deal of work to do in building a culture of numeracy support in classrooms.  Now if only I could remember what I did when I was building the literacy culture. 

That’s that in terms of news.  I will be back soon to share resources and fact sheets linked to our school’s focus areas for this semester.  

Stay Tuned.

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2 thoughts on “End of Holidays/ Beginning of a New Role

  1. Best wishes for the new role Mel. Two roles will test your ability to stretch yourself I bet.
    Thankfully we have a week left of our holidays.
    How much of your work is involved in preparing your students for Naplan?


    • Thanks! It will certainly be a challenge. My learning support role (teaching in class) is almost entirely about NAPLAN preparation. Although NAPLAN preparation in my classroom is far from traditional or conventional. A lot of the meetings I have to attend are about NAPLAN results and interpreting student data. I have to admit that I tend to zone out when admin get too bogged down with the numbers.


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