From NEWBIE PRINCIPAL Doing the Impossible on a Daily Basis

Here is some great advice from Leah Ann Childers who has just completed her first year as a principal.  I follow her blog, “Newbie Principal” and have enjoyed reading her posts this year.  As any excellent teacher and leader she has reflected on her experiences related to making changes, disseminating information, supporting teachers and maintaining positive relationships.  I found this particular post, written at the end of the year, an interesting read, I hope you do too.

Doing the Impossible on a Daily Basis.

I’m so glad I’m on holidays myself.  When I’m done moving house, I will fill you in on the latest news from my classroom and my school.

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3 thoughts on “From NEWBIE PRINCIPAL Doing the Impossible on a Daily Basis

  1. Good post Mel. being a principal is hard work, Leah has worked hard I am sure and sounds like she is making good waves in her school. Enjoy you holidays, we have a week to go……we have had a nine week term in NSW so everything has been squeezed into a tighter term…..glad when this one is over.


    • Thanks but I can’t take really take the credit. I simply shared a post I found that looked good. Term 1 was our short one and this one was 10 weeks, next term is 11 or 12! 9 weeks is too short and too busy and 11 is just too long. Hang in there, you’re on the homestretch. 🙂


  2. The mark of the tired teacher is the number of typos in my first reply. Must be more exhausted than i realised. Though Term three is shaping up as super busy with HSC exams. On a good note it will be my last term 3!!!!


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