Tips for Working with Adults at School

Tips for Working with Adults at School

Most teachers became teachers so they could work with children.  Some really crazy people became teachers so they could work with teenagers!

Whether we like it or not, all teachers have to work with other adults (not just teachers!) in the course of our daily duties.  If you are a teacher, think about your day from the moment you enter the school gate.  How many people do you talk to in that trek from the gate to your classroom?  How many of them are children?

While it is possible to get from the gate to your classroom without making eye contact, you will probably be a very lonely and ineffective teacher if you make it a habit.  School communities are made up of plenty of grown ups: there are parents, cleaners, janitors (our school has three!), teacher aides, office staff, the principal, the deputy principal, the digital coach, the numeracy coach and the teacher librarian.  We mustn’t forget the Literacy Coach, the reading teacher, the learning support teacher, the special education teacher and the specialist teachers (they can be a real handful, which I can say because I have worked in all of those roles).

Angela Watson from The Cornerstone has posted 5 things she wishes she knew as a beginning teacher about working with adults.  She was right on the money with her advice and I found myself nodding as I read her tips and explanations.

Get clicking and check it out.

Bring on the Holidays!

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Working with Adults at School

  1. All of us who work in schools and I have been in them for a long time know the value of the ‘adults’ who inhabit the schools with us. Sometimes after a bad experience in the classroom they are very handy when you need a reality check or just a shoulder to cry on. I am one of those crazy ones who works with teenagers but I am lucky in that I work in a wonderful school with teenagers, most of whom are sane good people, believe it or not. I have been enjoying reading your blog.


    • I look forward to your next piece. enjoy your holiday. I have another week and a million reports to get finished before next week. Stressful time at my place.


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