A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

We all know that when learning a new skill the only way to become proficient is consistent practice.  We all know that reading each day is the best way to expand vocabulary, build stamina and increase fluency.  We all know it and we all tell our students to read every day.

We somehow find the time in the daily classroom routine to ensure that our students have opportunities to read independently.  We model reading strategies and encourage library borrowing.  There is nothing we want more than to see our students become inspired and independent readers.  But there is only so much we can do.  We all know that our students need to go home and read more.

This picture has been making the rounds on Pinterest and the education bloggersphere.  We like it because this picture says more to parents in a few minutes than any teacher can say in a year.

reading for 20 minutes each night

This graphic first appeared on Perry Lecompton Unified School District Website and The High-Tech Teacher has edited it for use in student notebooks.  She has black and white as well as colour versions in PDF file format available for FREE download.

Reading is important.  Teachers who are encouraging their students to read every night need to keep at it and EVERY classroom should have this posted in the doorway!

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