FREE Samples of Great Kid Books

Have you heard of Morris Gleitzman?  He is an accomplished children’s and young adult fiction author. He has teamed up with Paul Jennings for two books and has been compared to other excellent children’s writers such as Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, Andy Griffiths and Jeff Kinney.  His books have been made into television series and plays, such as Misery Guts.  His books are both entertaining and thought provoking, covering timely controversial topics such as equality (Two Weeks with the Queen), natural disasters (Water Wings and Belly Flop), bullying (Misery Guts) and even politics (Once, Now, Then, Water Wings) and all the issues we face when growing up.

morris gleitzman

Did you Know that Morris Gleitzman offers FREE samples of his books in both written and audio form. Simply go to the Bookshelf  page (or click on the link) of his website, click on the book you want to read and you will be transported to the first chapter of the selected title.  You can also listen to a snippet from the audio book while you read along.

MG book cover collage

What a great resource for the classroom! I can see homework assignments, listening centre activities during literacy rotations, virtual classroom activities, mentor text deconstructions and kids getting into reading!

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