A Monday Pep Talk

There is something about ‘dancing’ that I need to share this week. But I really enjoyed this video and I need to watch Space Jam again. Kid president knows his stuff, and while I might be coming a little late to that party, I’m going to celebrate the fact that I turned up at all.
Maybe it is the theme music or it is a kid in a suit dancing on a football field. But this made me smile and made me think and I don’t often do both at the same time.

We all need a little encouragement sometimes. The important thing to remember is your purpose and your effort. Did you have a purpose today? Did you do the very best that you could do today to reach the goal? Today’s best might not be as good as yesterday’s best and might be less than tomorrow’s best. But was it the best you could do today? Then, give yourself a high five and keep on being awesome!
Mel 😀


What will be your Space Jam?

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