Learning about Change

This video has become a bit of a legend at my workplace.  The term “tipping point” has been used in jest several times.  We like to laugh at the silliness of some of these things, but often a lone nut is really a genius.  At my school we are beginning to see the fruits of our “shirtless dancer” and his “first followers”  there is a movement for change when it comes to literacy and I meet with far less resistance in my role as the Literacy Coach.

The interesting thing is, that our Numeracy journey is only just beginning.  I am seeing some of the same mistakes happening over again.  This is a little frustrating for me, as I wonder why the powers that be are not learning from past mistakes.  The Numeracy Leaders at our school have a rare opportunity to look at the Literacy movement and to note the positive and negative actions of the past.  If history is going to repeat itself, why shouldn’t we select the events we want to re-live instead of suffering through the painful ones.

How far have you travelled along your leadership journey?  What would you do again?  What would you avoid?

Here’s the one, I’m really wondering about… How would you approach another ‘coach’ or ‘leader’ in your school who is only just beginning their journey?  What would you tell them?


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