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The end of week one and I’m ready for our first mid-semester break.  Not really, but I’m tired. 

While it would be nice to think that I am the only literacy coach who blogs about classroom experiences, I know it isn’t true.  I guess I will just have to settle for being the “best” literacy coach who blogs.  LOL. I am really excited about the followers and “likes” I have been notified of this week.  I have been living in the blogosphere for a few years now (although this blog is quite ‘young’). I know that many blogs can have little or even no followers so I’m quite chuffed.  Anyway, if you like my posts you will probably appreciate this blog as well.

Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach : is an interesting blog about the regular happenings in this Literacy Coach’s classroom.  Click above to see the latest post about the importance of “genre knowledge” during guided reading.

Many teachers say that they don’t have time to teach reading/ writing/ literacy explicitly in their classes.  They are “too busy” with curriculum content and behaviour management.  Teaching is a challenging profession and now more than ever, we are expected to be all things to all students.  Managing classroom behaviour and organisation; teaching curriculum, social skills, literacy, numeracy, internet safety; integrating technology; dealing with emotional/ family issues and student concerns; participating in extra-curricula activities; attending extra meetings and mandated professional development makes being a teacher an overwhelming and busy job.  If you aren’t prepared to teach what the kids in your class need, you probably shouldn’t be in the classroom.  That may be harsh, but it is true.

You, as a teacher, may not be able to integrate “guided reading” into your classroom schedule but you can involve your students in discussion about text and support them to access texts relevant to your  content area.   Click the link above to see how.


The Literacy Coach


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